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Medical Tests

The medical field relies heavily on the administration of examinations to ensure that prospective medical personnel are qualified enough to perform their duties safely and accurately. Professional positions that require medical exams include, but are not limited to, Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Medical Assistant, ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer, and Registered Dietician (RD). Challenging medical exams are used to assess candidates applying for positions in medical and dental schools, medical-training programs, and medical-certification programs. Students taking medical exams must use reasoning skills that are more sophisticated than the memorization skills they developed to succeed in high school and undergraduate classes.

Students should be familiar with all aspects of the examinations to be successful. Students should recognize and understand the medical exam's format and types of questions. They should realize the reasoning processes that these tests examine. They should also be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of sophisticated concepts required to succeed in the medical field. Prospective medical personnel should practice taking their respective medical examinations to gain familiarity with them. Once students are comfortable with the medical exam they will be taking, they will most likely perform at a much higher level than students who are seeing the tests for the first time.



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