The Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) offers the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Examination for national certification purposes. In pursuit of CDA certification, candidates must successfully complete three tests – GC, RHS and ICE – in 5 years. The tests are acknowledged and/or mandatory in 37 states. Infection Control (ICE) Examination is one of the three tests included in the CDA Exam as a whole.

Candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements before taking this assessment. Candidates can choose to take a computer-based or paper and pencil version of the test.

For the ICE assessment, you will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish 100 multiple-choice questions. The content of the test is broken down as follows:

  • Patient and dental health care worker education – 10%
  • Prevent cross-contamination and transmission – 20%
  • Maintain aseptic conditions – 10%
  • Perform sterilization procedures – 15%
  • Environmental asepsis – 15%
  • Occupational safety – 30%

The raw score, or the number answered correctly, will be converted to a scaled score in the 100-900 range. The minimum passing scaled score is 400. If unsuccessful in the attempt, a candidate may apply to take it again, but check with the local jurisdiction to find out if additional educational requirements have to be met first.



Last Updated: June 3, 2019