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The COMPASS test is a computer-based college placement assessment exam which can help give schools and organizations an account of a candidate's abilities. This test's purpose is to make sure each candidate is put into the right classes, and it also helps schools make sure that students are given the necessary help in order to do well. Each school or organization will set the standard for minimum acceptable scores.

The subjects covered on the COMPASS test include:

  • Reading - Understanding reading passages for practical purposes, taken from different disciplines, including prose, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. There will be an account of how well a candidate understands what is read, the candidate's comprehension of terminology and the candidate's personal reader report.
  • Writing skills - Includes questions to gauge a candidate's ability to use traditional conventions of punctuation, spelling, capitalization, vocabulary, verb tenses, clauses, changes with construction and organization.
  • Essay writing - Candidates will receive either a score with a range of 2-8 or 2-12. Candidates will be graded on the ability to stay clearly on topic, substance, organization, style and how well the candidate uses traditional writing conventions.
  • Math - Candidates will need to demonstrate ability in pre-algebra, algebra, college algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
  • English as a second language (ESL) - Candidates must demonstrate the ability to use and understand Standard American English. There are ESL Listening, ESL Reading, ESL Grammar and ESL Essay placement assessments.

COMPASS Practice Questions


Basic Grammar
Identifying Verbs
Punctuation and Capitalization
Sentence Completion


Algebra 1 Practice Questions
Basic Operations

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