The City University of New York, or CUNY, has developed its own test for students planning to attend their university. It’s called the CUNY Skills Assessment Program. Students can demonstrate that they’re capable of doing college level work at CUNY by achieving threshold scores on either the ACT, the SAT, or the NY Regents Exam. For those who don’t score well on these, or would rather not take them, CUNY’s own skills tests are an option.

There are three tests-Reading, Writing, and Mathematical Skills. (Actually, every incoming CUNY student must take the math skills test, even students who do well in the math portions of the SAT, ACT, or Regents.)

The reading test is multiple choice, and is taken on a computer. It’s untimed, and tests for reading comprehension, the ability to analyze and interpret information, draw conclusions and make comparisons, etc. A passing score is 70 or higher.

The math portion is also untimed and taken on a computer. It consists of questions in four areas-basic math, algebra, college algebra, and trigonometry. A passing score on the math section is 27 or above on basic math and algebra. It’s not required that you pass the other two sections to gain admission.

The writing portion lasts for sixty minutes. In it, you’ll be given a hypothetical situation about a person having to make a decision, and you’ll have an hour to write about it, and demonstrate your spelling and vocabulary skills, your ability to organize and structure your thoughts, your skill at making a logical argument, etc. Two different people will grade your essay, and you’ll need to score a 7 out of a possible 12.

If you’re planning on attending CUNY, this test could very well be in your future, and it will determine if you’re eligible for admission or not. You’ll want to brush up on your skills before attempting it, and make sure you’re ready and relaxed on the day of the test.

Free CUNY Practice Test

Skill Building Exercises
Reading Comprehension
Algebra 1 Practice Questions
Algebra 2 Practice Questions
Basic Operations
Fraction Word Problems
Percentages and Ratios


Last Updated: November 9, 2023