Praxis Test

Most states use the Praxis series of assessments as part of the teacher certification process and a teaching jobs protocol. The Praxis tests measure knowledge and skills in both general and specific content areas. This battery of assessments covers virtually every subject that could be taught by a kindergarten through 12th-grade teacher, and also includes several general content tests and several tests on pedagogical subjects. These tests are typically taken by individuals who recently entered the teaching profession, and need to demonstrate knowledge and skills in order to obtain licensure or certification in a particular state. Also, several professional associations and organizations for teachers require the Praxis test before granting membership.

The tests that make up the Praxis test battery can be roughly divided into three categories: subject assessments, principles of learning and teaching tests, and teaching foundations tests. Subject assessments include all of the tests which examine knowledge and skills in particular content areas. These tests will feature both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. Principles of learning and teaching (PLT) tests focus on knowledge of pedagogy for four age groups: early childhood; kindergarten through 6th grade; 5th grade through 9th grade; and 7th grade through 12th grade. PLT tests examine these subjects through case studies and require the candidate to answer constructed response and multiple-choice questions.

Finally, the teaching foundations tests measure pedagogical knowledge in five general content areas: English; language arts; mathematics; science and social science; and multi-subject elementary school. Individuals who take teaching foundations tests will be required to answer both constructed-response and multiple-choice items.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2021