Praxis II Social Studies Exam

The Praxis II Social Studies Exam (0081) is a comprehensive and rigorous assessment for prospective teachers of social studies. The exam has six major content areas: United States history (29 questions, 22% of the exam); world history (29 questions, 22%); government/civics/political science (21 questions, 16%); geography (19 questions, 15%); economics (19 questions, 15%); and behavioral sciences (13 questions, 10%).

In the United States history content area, the following issues are addressed: physical geography, Native Americans, European colonization, the American Revolution, establishment of the new nation, Civil War era, emergence of the modern United States, Progressive Era and the First World War through the New Deal, Second World War, Post-Second World War period, and recent developments.

In the world history content area of the Praxis II Social Studies exam (0081), the following subjects are addressed: human society to 3000 BCE; development of early civilizations; ancient empires and civilizations (India, China, Ancient Western Asia, Mediterranean, and Africa); disruption and reversal; and emerging global interactions. This content area also includes political and industrial revolutions and nationalism; conflicts, ideologies, and evolutions in the 20th century; and contemporary trends, including the changing geopolitical map and economic and environmental interdependence. The government/civics/political science content area covers political theory, United States government and politics, comparative government and politics, and international relations. The Praxis II Social Studies exam (0081) was developed by the Educational Testing Service.


Last Updated: June 24, 2019