PhD Distance Learning

PhD distance learning programs provide students with the highest degree possible which is a doctorate or PhD degree. Students are required to have a bachelors and masters and several years of work experience to be admitted into a PhD distance learning program. PhD distance learning programs are available in many fields of study including education, management, business administration and health management. Many educators want to earn a PhD because it is a requirement to become a college professor. PhD distance learning education programs provide educators with time and flexibility to complete the required coursework while working in the field.

PhD distance learning programs can be costly. Many universities offer graduate assistantship programs where the PhD student can work for the university in return for a reduced tuition rate and sometimes a stipend or small salary for work. The assistantship gives the student additional experience in the field of study and is positive work experience on a resume. Another benefit of a graduate assistantship is that the college will know the person is a full time student. The college may be more flexible with the students work schedule and the college may allow for study time during work hours. The assistantship has to be completed at the university campus but the PhD can still be earned through the universities PhD distance learning program.

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Last Updated: June 4, 2019