Distance Learning Degree Program

The degree earned through a distance learning program is educationally equivalent to the degree earned from a traditional program. The main difference between the two degrees is the method of delivery of each type of degree. A distance learning degree program takes place outside of a traditional classroom and through the use of technology. The internet is the main method used to administer classes in a distance learning degree program and there are many benefits for a student to participate in an online course. An online distance learning degree program provides flexibility because the courses can be accessed at anytime. The online rather than traditional classroom forum means that the student saves time driving to and from campus and the student does not have to pay for parking at the university. In a traditional classroom many students are present that may compete for the instructors’ attention. The online distance learning degree program can offer more one on one time between student and instructor where the student has the teachers’ full attention. Most communication is through email although many instructors will provide a phone number they can be reached at for additional help.
There are some personality traits a person should possess in order to be successful at completing a distance learning degree program. The individual must be highly self-motivated and self-disciplined. While much of the coursework in a distance learning degree program is self-paced, there are many distance learning classes that have a start and end date which must be followed. The student must have good reading comprehension skills because he or she will not have an instructor verbally explaining all elements of the class. Visual aids are typically used by an instructor in a classroom to help explain ideas and these aids are frequently unavailable in an online or distance class. The student must possess some basic computer skills. The ability to navigate the internet and websites is extremely important in a distance learning degree program.
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Last Updated: June 18, 2021