Army Distance Learning Program

The Army Training Requirements and Resources System is an army distance learning program that offers army specific courses to advance a members army and future civilian career. Through the system, Army personnel can view and manage courses they choose to take, all free of charge. The system was designed to allow members of a certain career field to have first choice on classes that directly relate to their career thus allowing them to advance through the ranks and be successful at their job duties. By using the ATRRS Army distance learning program, the Army can forecast what training materials and supplies they need by watching the demand for classes and can better keep the materials updated.

Another Army distance learning program is offered through Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP has brought together access to 29 accredited universities for the Army to have access globally. The colleges are diverse, ranging from the ability to obtain a degree in aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to a more technologically based degree from Penn State University’s online campus. Some colleges, like Baker College is a private university. Others, such as the University of Alabama, are public. The universities are aware and understanding of the lifestyle of an army soldier which allows for greater flexibility within the classes. The incentive to attending college through is that the tuition is paid for by the government. Upon registration into this Army distance learning program, new students receive a laptop, printer, and e-mail account to help enable them attend college online.

The Army Correspondence Course Program is an Army distance learning program that offers an avenue for army personnel to take more than 700 courses. These courses, offered through the Army Institute for Professional Development are point based, so as the soldier passes tests, he or she can earn points which are considered in promotion opportunities. Video Teletraining is available to soldiers at all times through the Teletraining Network and Satellite Education Network. These networks use government connections offering availability all over the world at most military commands. The website offers test questions and answers and provides study materials for the correspondence courses for a $12 monthly fee.

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Last Updated: June 21, 2021