Graduate Distance Learning

A graduate distance learning program offers the ability for students who hold a bachelors degree to continue their education without having to spend time in a structured classroom. The most popular distance learning graduate degrees are the masters of arts, masters of sciences and masters of business administration. Graduate distance learning programs are a new and popular choice for students who have graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree and have entered the workforce but want to change career fields or earn more money in their current career field. Graduate distance learning courses are flexible in their delivery so a student can work full time while continuing his or her education. A graduate distance learning degree typically takes 2 years to complete if the student is participating full-time.

Many traditional state colleges offer graduate distance learning degrees but the entrance requirements to these degree programs may be more difficult than if one chooses a graduate distance learning program through a private university. The private university graduate distance learning programs are typically delivered online so there is no limit to the number of students a private university can accept. This allows for more leniencies in admissions selections. At a traditional state college, standardized tests results are evaluated for admittance into any graduate program. These tests include the Graduate Record Examination, Graduate Management Admission Tests, or The Law School Admission Test. The appropriate test to take depends on what type of graduate program the student is entering. Private schools may still require these tests scores but they may not be as important for admissions as letters of recommendation or the student’s grade point average.

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Last Updated: June 4, 2019