Distance Learning Center

A distance learning center is an online website that colleges or other educational sources provide through their distance learning websites. The center is an informational source for all items considered under the umbrella of distance education. The distance learning center provides access to course schedules and allows the student to register online. Before registering the student can read about distance learning and can take a quiz that determines the student’s compatibility with an online or distance learning environment. There are links to online academic counseling, which provide academic counselors contact information for students to either email or call.
Many distance learning centers provide a list of commonly asked questions and answers as another information source. Once registered, the online distance learning center provides access for the student to go through an orientation showing step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to take classes online. This is an excellent source for those who are new at attending distance education. The link provides information on what computer software the student will need and provides site navigation instructions. Class syllabi can be found on the distance learning center website so the student can see the instructor’s expectations immediately when class begins. After class begins, the courses the student is enrolled in can be accessed through the universities distance learning center.
Many campuses have an on campus distance learning center. These classrooms are designed for students who are attending distance learning classes through videoconferencing or other video service technology. The distance learning center provides computer access and DVD or VCR access, so if the student does not have the required technology at home, he or she can still make good use of the distance learning forum but through at the college.
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Last Updated: June 18, 2021