CLEP Western Civilization II Practice Test Questions

1. Which of these best explains deism? (a) God exists and maintains a hands-on involvement in day-to-day events and individual lives. (b) God exists and set things in motion, but does not perform miracles or act on everyday lives. (c) God may or may not exist; there is no evidence to prove or disprove this, … Read more

CLEP Western Civilization I Practice Test Questions

1. Who is the Greek goddess of war? (A) Aphrodite. (B) Hera. (C) Athena. (D) Demeter. (E) Artemis. 2. “In the 5th Century B.C., the most popular career choice for intelligent young Greek males was politics. To prepare children for life as a politician, many parents hired travelling teachers to instruct young pupils in such … Read more

CLEP US History II Practice Test Questions

1. What was not a characteristic of the “city machines” that arose as a result of rapid urban growth in the late 1800s? (a) A high degree of organization (b) A high degree of corruption (c) A high degree of efficiency (d) A high degree of wealth (e) A high degree of power 2. Which … Read more

CLEP US History I Practice Test Questions

1. Which of the following was/were not dispatch rider(s) notifying Americans of British troop movements reported by American surveillance in 1775? (a) Paul Revere (b) William Dawes (c) John Parker (d) (a) and (b) (e) (a), (b), and (c) were all dispatch riders. 2. Which of the following was/were British generals who came to Boston … Read more

CLEP Social Sciences and History Practice Test Questions

1. The Chou period in ancient China corresponds most closely to the period between the years of (a) 1000 and 250 BC (b) 1500 and 500 BC (c) 500 and 150 BC (d) 1200 and 200 BC (e) 900 and 100 BC 2. Which of the following events occurred in China between 350 and 500 … Read more

CLEP Natural Sciences Practice Test Questions

1. Sedimentary rocks form due to the layering of clastic or organic materials over time. Which of the following is NOT a type of sedimentary rock? (A) Sandstone (B) Shale (C) Coal (D) Limestone (E) Basalt 2. Which of the following geologic events occurred during the Paleozoic Era? I. First fish II. First amphibians III. … Read more

CLEP Principles of Management Practice Test Questions

1. According to Katzenbach and Smith, what three components do teams need in order to become high performing? (A) Skills, accountability, and commitment (B) Skills, accountability, and autonomy (C) Skills, autonomy, and commitment (D) Skills, constant feedback, and commitment (E) Skills, constant feedback, and autonomy 2. Which of the following is the term for someone … Read more

CLEP Introduction to Educational Psychology Practice Test Questions

1) _________________is the process of associating one occurrence with another until one of the occurrences happens automatically as a result of the other. a) stimulus b) conditioning c) reinforcement d) none of the above e) all of the above 2) What is the name of the person whose research led to an important discovery in … Read more

CLEP Introductory Psychology Practice Test Questions

1. Margaux listened to two CD players in a department store. She noticed that the first CD player sounded slightly clearer than the second CD player. The difference in sound that Margaux noticed is called: (a) just noticeable difference (JND) (b) perception (c) sensation (d) sensory adaption (e) signal detection theory 2. People often misjudge … Read more

CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature Practice Test Questions

1) How is this passage organized? (A) Association of ideas (B) Main idea and supporting evidence (C) Chronological order (D) Cause and effect (E) Comparison and contrast Katherine Mansfield, “Mrs. Brill” The band had been having a rest. Now they started again. And what they played was warm, sunny, yet there was just a faint … Read more