CLEP American Government Practice Test Questions

1. The president CANNOT issue a pardon in the case of (A) persons related to the president. (B) officials who serve the president. (C) persons convicted of treason. (D) impeached government officials. 2. When can the vice president vote in the Senate? (A) Always (B) Never (C) When a vote is tied (D) When a … Read more

CLEP American Literature Practice Test Questions

1. Romanticism in literature can best be defined as which of the following? (A) A movement that seeks to replicate a believable everyday reality (B) Literature that is either utilitarian, very personal, or religious (C) The exaltation of senses and emotions over reason and intellect (D) The presentation of details that are actually part of … Read more

CLEP Test Options

The CLEP provides candidates the opportunity to demonstrate undergraduate-level understanding in various subject areas. At present, the CLEP comprises 34 separate examinations in the following five subject areas: Composition and Literature (American Literature; Analyzing and Interpreting Literature; English Composition; English Literature; Freshman College Composition; and Humanities); Foreign Languages (French 1 and 2; German 1 and … Read more


The College Board administers the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) to give students an opportunity to demonstrate undergraduate-level understanding of core subjects. Most of the universities and colleges in the United States will reward qualifying scores on the CLEP exams with college credit. There are 34 examinations in the current battery, running the gamut from Psychology … Read more

Undergraduate Exams

The ACT and SAT are standardized college admission tests that are used by colleges and universities to determine potential students’ abilities, college readiness, and knowledge base. These tests predict how well a student will do academically in college or university-level courses. The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) prepares students for the SAT and qualifies them for National … Read more