Nelson-Denny Reading Test

Nelson-Denny Reading Test

The Nelson-Denny Reading Test is a two-part test given to incoming high school and college students to screen their reading ability, address any problems a student may have, and to assess a student’s progress. The test is also used to accurately place a student in an English class suitable to their reading level. Study Guide … Read more Nelson-Denny Reading Test

ISEE Upper Level Exam Practice Test

ISEE Upper Level Practice Test

The Independent School Entrance Exam Upper Level is used as part of the admissions process of most independent schools in the U.S. for students in grades 8 through 11. This exam is developed and regulated by the Educational Records Bureau or ERB for its member independent schools. Each school uses this exam and other information, … Read more ISEE Upper Level Exam Practice Test

ISEE Lower Level Exam

ISEE Lower Level Practice Test

The Independent School Entrance Exam Lower Level is taken by students in grades 5 and 6 who are applying to admission into an independent school. This exam is the admission test of choice for many independent schools worldwide. It is developed and maintained by the Educational Records Bureau or ERB for its member schools. Watch … Read more ISEE Lower Level Exam

ISEE Practice Test Middle Level

ISEE Middle Level Practice Test

Students must take the ISEE when they are seeking admission into a school that requires the exam as part of the admission process. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and an essay. Although the essay is not scored, it is sent to the school(s) designated by the examinee. It can be taken online or via … Read more ISEE Practice Test Middle Level


PERT Practice Test

Florida’s Postsecondary Education Readiness Test or PERT is used to help determine what courses you should be placed in or taken at your college. This contains three assessments, one for each of the following academic areas: reading, writing, and mathematics. However, this is not a pass/fail kind of test and is used only to determine … Read more PERT Exam

TSI (Texas Success Initiative)

TSI Assessment Practice Test

The Texas Success Initiative test is used as an assessment for incoming college students in the state of Texas. It is meant to measure the appropriate level of college coursework these students can handle in the areas of Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. Top Study Guides: Mometrix TSI Study GuideTest Prep Books TSI Study GuideApex Best … Read more TSI (Texas Success Initiative)


PSB Registered Nursing Exam Practice Test

The Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) RN Exam is also referred to as the Nursing School Aptitude Exam, as it is used by numerous nursing programs and schools as part of their admission process. Your scores on this exam alone will not ensure your entrance into any school or program. However, this exam and your scores … Read more PSB-RN Exam


PSB Health Occupations Study Guide Practice Test

The Psychological Services Bureau’s (PSB) Health Occupations (HO) exam is designed to look for the knowledge and skills that are crucial to a successful training period and career in healthcare. This exam is used by many health-related schools and programs as part of their admissions process because of its long-standing success in showing which applicants … Read more PSB-HO Exam



The Aptitude for Practical Nursing Exam is offered by the Psychological Services Bureau (PSB). The exam is given to assess a test-taker’s knowledge and is one of the factors that determine whether they will be accepted into the healthcare program they are applying to. Study Guide Flashcards Watch this video on YouTube