Free MAT Practice Test Questions Set #2

1. Powerful : dictator :: _____ : poet

A. lyrical
B. cynical
C. despotic
D. serious

2. Bumblebee : _____ :: lion : mammal

A. amphibian
B. hive
C. winged
D. insect

3. Exotic : _____ : crucial : trivial

A. foreign
B. judicious
C. domestic
D. essential

4. Delaware : Dover :: Nevada : _____

A. Carson City
B. Las Vegas
C. Los Angeles
D. Wilmington

5. Turgid : swollen :: _____ : pompous

A. repugnant
B. rigid
C. bombastic
D. decorated

6. _____ : Ronald Reagan :: George Washington : John Adams

A. Bill Clinton
B. George H.W. Bush
C. Jimmy Carter
D. Thomas Jefferson

7. Iron : metal :: neon : _____

A. liquid
B. tube
C. sign
D. gas

8. _____ : equilateral :: rhombus : trapezoid

A. spherical
B. isosceles
C. cylinder
D. pentagon

9. Oranges : fruit :: peanuts : _____

A. legume
B. vegetable
C. seed
D. butter

10. Stonewall Jackson : _____ :: William Tecumseh Sherman : U.S. Grant

A. George Patton
B. Robert E. Lee
C. Abraham Lincoln
D. Theodore Roosevelt

Answer Key

1. A. A poet could be described as lyrical.

2. D. Bumblebees are in the class of animals called insects.

3. C. Domestic is the opposite of exotic.

4. A. Carson City is the capital of Nevada.

5. C. Bombastic and pompous are synonyms.

6. C. Jimmy Carter preceded Ronald Reagan as President of the United States.

7. D. At normal temperatures neon is a gas.

8. B. Isosceles and equilateral are both types of triangle.

9. A. Peanuts are in the class of plants known as legumes.

10. B. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were both Confederate generals in the Civil War.

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