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One common test used for admission to graduate schools is the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). This particular test is different than most other standardized admissions test for college and graduate study in that it's very narrowly focused.

As the name implies, the MAT test is strictly about analogies, or things that are alike in one or more ways, often obliquely. It has a very simple format-you'll have 50 minutes to complete 100 partial analogies. The vast majority of them will be verbal, but there will be a few mathematical analogies on every test. To do well on the MAT test, you'll need a good grasp of how words relate to and complement each other, as well as a familiarity with the liberal arts-history, art, literature, philosophy, as well as math and science.

It can be taken on a computer, or with pen and paper. It's scored on a percentile basis, and you'll receive your score a few weeks after completing the test. You can usually register to take the MAT test through your college, or you can register directly online at their website. offers an exclusive free, downloadable study guide to the Internet community for the MAT test.  The guide is in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe's free Reader (already installed on most computers) to view it.  Anyone is free to link to this page or the MAT study guide on our server to let students know about this resource.

MAT Test Questions

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MAT Practice Questions


  1. weight
  2. distance
  3. speed
  4. liquid volume

2. POST : AFTER :: PERI : ______

  1. around
  2. completely
  3. before
  4. much

3. GOAT : NANNY :: PIG : ______

  1. shoat
  2. ewe
  3. cub
  4. sow

4. CACHE : RESERVE :: DEARTH : ______

  1. long-winded
  2. pithy
  3. taciturn
  4. staccato


  1. refuge
  2. danger
  3. arid
  4. fertile


  1. Copenhagen
  2. Oslo
  3. Stockholm
  4. Amsterdam

8. SATIRE : HUMOR :: BUREAU : ______

  1. bureaucracy
  2. furniture
  3. complaint
  4. bedroom


  1. forebear
  2. descendant
  3. miniature
  4. primeval

10. MUNCH : THE SCREAM :: VAN GOGH : ______

  1. Mont Sainte-Victoire
  2. The Sunflowers
  3. At the Moulin Rouge
  4. The Sleeping Gypsy


1. A: Weight. As Kelvin is a temperature scale, so troy is a weight scale.

2. A: Around. As the prefix post- means after, the prefix peri- means around.

3. D: Sow. A female goat is a nanny and a female pig is a sow.

4. B: Paucity. Cache and reserve are synonyms. The answer choice synonym for dearth is paucity.

5. B: Pithy. Discursive and digressive are synonyms. The answer choice synonym for succinct is pithy.

6. A: Refuge. Arable and farmable are synonyms. The answer choice synonym for asylum is refuge.

7. D: Amsterdam. As the Uffizi is a museum located in Florence, so the Rijksmuseum is a museum located in Amsterdam.

8. B: Furniture. Satire is a kind of humor and a bureau is a kind of furniture.

9. A: Forebear. Titan and Giant are synonyms. The answer choice synonym for progenitor is forebear.

10. B: The Sunflowers. Edvard Munch painted The Scream; Vincent Van Gogh painted The Sunflowers.

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