TExES Exam

The TExES exam assessment is required as part of the Texas teacher certification process. The goal of the assessment is to make sure that every first-year teacher possesses the needed skills and knows enough about his or her subject level in order to successfully work as an educator in a public school in Texas. This is a criterion-referenced assessment, which results in an account of how much the candidate knows compared to certain standards and objectives (instead of comparing one candidate to the average scores of other test-takers).

There are different assessments for different areas of education. Some of the available tests include the following subject areas: superintendent, principal, mathematics 4-8, science 8-12 and music EC-12. The material that the TExES exam assessment encompasses is divided into main areas, or domains, for each test. Each domain is further divided into subsets for specific skills or knowledge (competencies). The test format includes stand-alone questions and questions from case studies. Certain facilities offer the TExES exam assessment on a computer, but not every facility has the ability to do so.

The complete TExES test score will be in the 100-300 range. The minimum passing score is 240. Candidates will also receive a report detailing their results on the main areas of the test(s). This data is beneficial in letting candidates evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and it may be used in order to study for repeated test-takings.

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Last Updated: January 5, 2024