TExES Generalist EC-4 Exam

The TExES 101 Generalist EC-4 exam is a comprehensive and rigorous assessment for prospective teachers of all elementary school subjects in the state of Texas. The exam is separated into five content areas: English language arts and reading; mathematics; social studies; science; and fine arts, health, and physical education.

The English language arts and reading content area constitutes about 40% of the exam. It includes the following topics: oral language, phonological and phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, literacy development and practice, word analysis and decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, development of written communication, writing conventions, and the assessment and instruction of developing literacy. The reading passages in this area of the TExES 101 Generalist EC-4 exam are drawn from all sorts of disciplines, both fiction and nonfiction. The mathematics content area, which comprises about 15% of the test, addresses the following topics: number concepts, pattern and algebra, geometry and measurement, probability and statistics, mathematical processes, mathematical perspectives, mathematical learning and instruction, and mathematical assessment. The social studies content area (about 15% of the test) covers the following subjects: history; geography; economics; government; citizenship; culture; and science, technology, and society. The science content area (about 15% of the TExES 101 Generalist EC-4 exam) covers the following topics: safety in the classroom, field, and laboratory; correct use of tools, materials, equipment, and technologies; scientific inquiry and science instruction; theoretical and practical knowledge about science instruction; and science assessment. More generally, this content area covers the history and nature of science; effects of science on personal and societal decisions; and the content outlined in TEKS for physical science, life science, Earth science, and space science. The TExES 101 Generalist EC-4 exam was developed by the Texas Education Agency and the Educational Testing Service.


Last Updated: June 3, 2019