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PRAXIS I Writing Test

Select the best version of the underlined portion of the sentence. Select A if you believe the sentence is correct as is.

1. Music therapy can be an effective treatment for many people who have expressive aphasia.

  1. Correct as is.
  2. effective treatment, for many people
  3. effective treatment many people
  4. effective treatment; for many people

2. There are many activities: like sports and crafts: that do not require language.

  1. Correct as is.
  2. activities like sports and crafts that
  3. activities; like sports and crafts; that
  4. activities-#8221;like sports and crafts-#8221;that

3. As we neared the house we could hear him scream, 'Go away!'

  1. Correct as is.
  2. him scream 'Go
  3. him scream; 'Go
  4. him scream', Go

4. Peter regained consciousness, looked around and recognized his mother.

  1. Correct as is.
  2. consciousness, looked around: and
  3. consciousness, looked around, and
  4. consciousness looked around and

5. 'Baseball,' she said, 'is the most tiresome game of all.'

  1. Correct as is
  2. Baseball, she said, is
  3. Baseball' she said 'is
  4. Baseball,' she said; 'Is

In each of the following sentences three portions are underlined and lettered. Select the portion that is incorrect, or select D if the sentence is correct as is.

6. John and Jack decided (A) that the best course of action would (B) to immediately (C) visit New York.

  1. decided
  2. would
  3. immediately
  4. Correct as is

7. The talent competition is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors; (A) freshmen, however (B) will not be allowed to enter (C).

  1. juniors and seniors;
  2. however
  3. to enter
  4. Correct as is.

8. After sustaining sever (A) wind damage, (B) the beach house had to be (C) closed for the rest of the season.

  1. sever
  2. damage,
  3. had to be
  4. Correct as is.

9. 'Because,' (A) he said, 'if I do that than (B) you will look ridiculous.' (C)

  1. 'Because,'
  2. that than
  3. ridiculous.'
  4. Correct as is.

10. The report ends (A) with a long paragraph, in which (B) the officer gives his own (C) opinion of the case.

  1. report ends
  2. paragraph, in which
  3. his own
  4. Correct as is.

Answer Key

1. A. The sentence is correct as written; there is no need to separate the clauses in this sentence.

2. D. A dash is most appropriate for separating this additional information.

3. B. A comma is not necessary before this quotation.

4. C. Commas are necessary to separate the three distinct actions.

5. A. The sentence is correct as written; the first comma should go inside the quotation marks, while the second comma should go outside.

6. B. The word be is required after would.

7. B. A comma is necessary after however.

8. A. The word should be severe.

9. B. The word than should be used instead of then.

10. D. The sentence is correct as written.

PRAXIS Test Questions

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