Wonderlic WPT-R Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test – Revised is a quick assessment exam used for employment prequalification. It produces a snapshot of a person’s cognitive aptitude or general intellect. These characteristics are a commonly accepted way to forecast how well a candidate will do in a job. A person’s cognitive gifts are considered more trustworthy, legitimate and neutral with regards to employment forecasting when compared to data gathered from resumes, previous success in school, references or interviews. The WPT-R is an aptitude assessment that can of great assistance in choosing the right employee, as it tends to be very beneficial for selecting candidates. The assessment lasts 12 minutes, and may be given on a computer or taken with a pencil and paper on a fax answer document. The assessment is mechanically graded by Wonderlic.

The test gives a basic account of how well the person can be trained with particular occupations, work out problems, comprehend directions, use existing knowledge when faced with new circumstances, be trained in job-specific skills and knowledge bases and be happy with employment. This assessment can help put employees into jobs that go well with how quickly they can be trained and what their skills are. It is also useful in modifying duties and responsibilities in order to keep people from leaving jobs because the job they have doesn’t match their abilities and desires.

Wonderlic Personnel Test Practice Questions

1. 25% of 400 =

A. 100
B. 200
C. 800
D. 10,000

2. 22% of $900 =

A. 90
B. 198
C. 250
D. 325

3. John prefers ________ art to the classics.

A. Contemporary
B. Contemperary
C. Contemparary
D. Conteporary

4. Allen told Steve that he would give him the _____ version of his morning when he had time.

A. Unabridgged
B. Unabriddged
C. Unabbridged
D. Unabridged

5. Lisa was known for having ________ relationships.

A. Promiscous
B. Promicuous
C. Promiscuous
D. Promicious


1. A: ( 400 x .25) = 100

2. B: ($900 x .22) = 198

3. A

4. D

5. C


Last Updated: January 22, 2020