TExES Mathematics 4-8 (115) Exam

The TExES Mathematics 4-8 (115) is a computer-administered exam in which examinees have 4 hours and 45 minutes to complete 100 selected-response questions. In addition to the 4 hours and 45 minutes, you will be given 15 minutes to complete the testing tutorial and compliance agreement.

Examinees who are nursing mothers or have a condition covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act that require special testing accommodations, may make this request in writing. There are also special accommodations that can be made, that do not require pre-approval.

Special requests that must be made in writing include extra time, breaks that do not lessen your testing time, separate testing room, braille test materials, and large print booklet and answer sheet.

Those that do not require prior approval include bringing and using bandages, arm/leg casts, cough drops, eye drops, nasal drops, hearing aids, inhaler, medical face mask, oxygen tank, and pillow/cushion.

What domains and competencies are covered on this exam?

  • Number Concepts – 16% of questions
  • Patterns and Algebra – 21% of questions
  • Geometry and Measurement – 21% of questions
  • Probability and Statistics – 16% of questions
  • Mathematical Processes and Perspectives – 10% of questions
  • Mathematical Learning, Instruction and Assessment – 16% of questions

Number Concepts

Competency 001: Teacher comprehends number system structure.

Competency 002: Teacher comprehends number operations and computational algorithms.

Competency 003: Teacher comprehends number theory and how to use it to solve problems.

Patterns and Algebra

Competency 004: Teacher comprehends mathematical reasoning and how to use it to find patterns and relationships.

Competency 005: Teacher comprehends linear functions and how to use them.

Competency 006: Teacher comprehends non-linear functions and how to use them.

Competency 007: Teacher comprehends foundations of calculus that relate to middle school math.

Geometry and Measurement

Competency 008: Teacher comprehends the process of measurement.

Competency 009: Teacher comprehends geometric relationships and axiomatic structure.

Competency 010: Teacher comprehends 2 and 3-dimensional figures.

Competency 011: Teacher comprehends transformational geometry.

Probability and Statistics

Competency 012: Teacher comprehends how to use graphical and numerical techniques.

Competency 013: Teacher comprehends the theory of probability.

Competency 014: Teacher comprehends how probability theory is related to sampling statistical inference, and how this helps with predictions.

Mathematical Processes and Perspectives

Competency 015: Teacher comprehends mathematical reasoning as well as problem solving.

Competency 016: Teacher comprehends the mathematical concepts inside and outside of mathematics.

Mathematical Learning, Instruction and Assessment

Competency 017: Teacher comprehends the process of how children learn mathematical concepts, procedures, and skills.

Competency 018: Teacher comprehends the planning, organization, and implementation of instruction, using TEKS.

Competency 019: Teacher comprehends diverse formal and informal assessments to make sure instruction is effective.

What is the most convenient way to register?

Registration and payment for this exam can be done online.

What is the cost of taking this exam?

The cost of TExES Mathematics 4-8 is $116. Additional fees may apply.

What are the testing dates and locations?

This exam is offered by appointment, throughout the year.

There are various testing centers throughout Texas and in many states within the United States.

What should I do the day of the exam?

Arrive at the testing center 15 minutes early so you have enough time to check-in and get settled in before it’s time to start testing.

Be sure to bring two forms of identification with you. The first should include your name, signature, and photo. At a minimum, the other should have your name and signature.

Among others, items prohibited from the testing area include a cell phone, other electronic communication devices, eyeglasses with communication and recording devices, written materials, backpack, purse, briefcase, and food/drink.

Can I take a break during the exam?

You are allowed to take a restroom break, if necessary. However, keep in mind, any break you take, is time deducted from the amount of time you have for actual test-taking.

What happens after I take the exam?

Generally, score reports are available for review within seven days of you taking the exam. They are typically posted online by 10 p.m. CST.

What is the minimum passing score on this exam?


What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

After a waiting period of 45 days, you are allowed to retake the exam. You are given a maximum of five attempts at the exam. Although not guaranteed, if you do not pass after five tries, you may request a test-limit waiver of the Texas Education Agency.

How Can I Prepare for the The TExES Mathematics 4-8 Exam?

That’s a great question.  We’ve broken down the answer into three parts.

  1. Do yourself a favor and study.  Do not walk in unprepared. We have recommended prep materials below, but that only helps if you actually try.  Plus, studying is actually proven to be the best antidote to test anxiety.
  2. Take care of yourself.  Make sure you’re eating well, exercising, and sleeping.  All of these things are scientifically linked to brain performance.  If you take care of your body, you’ll be helping your grades.
  3. Get a study guide or set of flashcards.  Some people study better a certain way. Find your study strengths and make the most of them.  We’ve tried to make it easy for you by 
  4. tracking down the best study guide and flashcard set for your exam.  Below you’ll see 
  5. links to both!

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Last Updated: August 1, 2019