Self Discipline

In order to be successful at studying any genre, from quantum physics to the quick-step, self discipline is essential. Self-discipline is a positive step to improving yourself and your habits. It can be task-oriented, where you are selectively choosing to change certain routines or habits in order to achieve a specific goal. But learning to be a self-disciplined individual can also be a transformation in all habits, routines, speech, and even thought in order to help you become a better person and to help you attain all your goals.

There are a variety of tasks and tricks to help you become a more self-disciplined individual. Developing a daily routine and sticking to it is one way to help develop self-discipline. Try not to waver from the course of the daily routine, and avoid impulsive activity as much as possible. It may help to chart your progress in a journal or a daily log. This way, the truth is on paper and you cannot dispute it. Another exercise is to set one specific task you must complete every day for a specified period of time. Do not allow yourself any excuses to not complete the task. Eventually, this will become routine, and you will begin building study and review time into your day, which will also become routine.

When you are planning time for studying, do not cram multiple hours into one day, while avoiding doing work on other days. Instead, set aside time every single day just for the purpose of that specific task. Do not allow other tasks or appointments to interfere in this time. Over time, you can add slots for homework, projects, etc. , all of which will become routine.

At the beginning of each day, use your to-do lists and your agenda book to help list everything you want to accomplish that day. Then prioritize the list so the most important things get done first. Get started on the first task immediately. By knowing exactly what you want and need to do that day, it will make it easier to accomplish everything on the list.


Last Updated: May 31, 2019