SAT II tests

The SAT II tests, also known as SAT subject tests, do not take the place of the regular SAT examination under any circumstances. Requiring one or more SAT II test in addition to the full SAT examination depends upon the college or university’s admissions requirements. Some educational institutions require at least one SAT II test to supplement the SAT examination.

Other colleges and universities may not mandate the submission of one or more SAT II test score. However, the benefit of taking one or two of the SAT II tests is the possibility of being able to opt out of lower level courses, provided the applicant has high SAT II test scores. If the applicant’s test results are low, taking the SAT II test still shows motivation and an interest in the subject beyond the minimum requirements, and will help the applicant in the admissions process. Policies vary widely regarding SAT II tests, check with the college or university before registering for these tests.

Each SAT II test is multiple-choice and has a time limit of one hour to complete. SAT II tests are offered in the following areas:

  • Literature
  • United States history
  • World history
  • Mathematics level 1
  • Mathematics level 2
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • French language
  • French language, with a listening component
  • Chinese language, with a listening component
  • German language
  • German language, with a listening component
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Italian language
  • Japanese language, with a listening component
  • Korean language, with a listening component
  • Latin language
  • Spanish language
  • Spanish language, with a listening component

As with the SAT test, the SAT II tests can be taken more than once; however, some are only offered once a year. Check timetables carefully when planning a college application and admissions process.

SAT II Skill Building Exercises


Reading Comprehension
Biology Questions
Chemistry Questions


Last Updated: June 3, 2019