PMP Practice Test Review

The Project Management Professional (PMP) assessment is taken as part of the PMP credential. Candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements before taking the test.

The PMP examination lasts for four hours and has 200 multiple-choice items. Of these, 175 are used for your final score and 25 are pre-trial questions to be used on future exams. Candidates will not know which questions are scored and which are not. The test gauges a candidate’s knowledge, abilities and methods employed with project management. The test content breakdown is as follows:

  • Initiation – 11%
  • Planning – 23%
  • Executing – 27%
  • Monitoring and Controlling – 21%
  • Closing – 9%
  • Professional and Social Responsibility – 9%

If taking the computer-based version, the candidate will receive a paper copy of the results at the testing site with no waiting. The results will also include data about how the candidate did on the various areas. If the candidate takes a paper and pencil version, the results will be sent out in six to eight weeks. If the candidate is unsuccessful in the attempt, he or she can take the test again. A candidate is allowed three tries in one year. If unsuccessful on all three attempts, the candidate must wait a year before applying again for the credential.

PMP test blueprint and breakdown


Last Updated: June 27, 2019