Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST)

The Wonderlic Basic Skills test used to assess verbal and math skills of the test taker. Endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor as a predictor of basic skills knowledge, the exam is primarily used by companies to identify an individual’s ability to adapt, learn, and solve problems. The … Read more Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST)


The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination was changed to computer-based in August 2019. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. Of the 60 questions, only 50 will count toward your score. You are given two hours to complete the exam. For candidates who require special testing accommodations for conditions covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, you … Read more MPRE Exam

TExES ESL Supplemental (154)

This exam is required for all those who are seeking certification in the state of Texas as an ESL teacher. It is designed to evaluate the skills, abilities, and knowledge that are essential to entry-level educators in this field of study. Who is Eligible? To be eligible to take any TExES exam(s) you must: Have … Read more TExES ESL Supplemental (154)

Home Page

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy We use Ezoic to provide personalization and analytic services on this website, as such Ezoic’s privacy policy is in effect and can be reviewed here. Thank you for visiting our web site. This privacy policy tells you how we use personal information collected at this site. Please read this privacy policy before using … Read more Privacy Policy

Career Advice from a Nutritionist

A nutritionist may wear many hats, including the ones of counselor, evaluator, motivator, expert, and administrator. They advise, plan, strategize, research, and analyze patient’s eating and exercise habits in order to help them achieve better health, along with preventing disease and illness. Career advice from a nutritionist might encourage a student or prospective nutritionist to … Read more Career Advice from a Nutritionist

Plurals and Possessives Practice Questions

“The house was showing signs of wear along it’s foundation.” 1. What correction should be made to the sentence above? Change “house” to “houses.” Change “was showing” to “had shown.” Change “it’s” to “its.” Change “foundation” to “foundations.” No correction is needed. “Susan’s group had always advocated for woman’s rights.” 2. What correction should be … Read more Plurals and Possessives Practice Questions