Overflow of Offers

For many students, getting into college is difficult. They are fortunate to get into one of their top choices for schools. For other students, getting into colleges is much easier, and they will have a large pile of acceptance letters to go through. If this is you, then congratulations are in order. There is no reason to feel bad about success. However, this kind of success can come with its share of problems.

If you have been accepted to your top school under early decision, then you are committed to a school and have no problem. There is also no problem if one of the schools easily stands above the rest. But what if this is not the case? You may be in a position where all the schools seem equal. Go through the list again, considering all the main factors—location, programs, school reputation, and so on. If there is still no clear-cut favorite, it is generally recommended that money be the deciding factor.

And why not? If everything seems equal, it makes sense to choose the school that will give you the smallest financial burden. Review your financial aid packages from all the schools that have accepted you. Find the one that puts the least amount of strain on your finances and your family’s finances. After you have found this school, take another visit before your decision deadline, which is usually May 1. If the school still seems like the place to go, then make the decision to attend that college. If not, repeat the process until you feel comfortable with your choice.

The college admissions process is a difficult one, but if you find great success with it, don’t be embarrassed. Realize how lucky you are to have so many options. And, once again, congratulations.


Last Updated: June 4, 2019