The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) is required as part of the certification process for educators in the state. The tests have been designed to make sure all of the educators in public schools possess adequate knowledge to be successful.

These criterion-referenced, objective-based assessments have been written using a foundation of curricula, books and teacher preparation programs used in Michigan. The categories for testing include:

  • Subject area assessments – These exams have multiple-choice items.
  • World language assessments – These exams have multiple-choice items, along with at least two performance tasks.

There are a variety of particular tests in each category from which to choose, such as elementary education, chemistry, library media, Spanish and many more. Each subject area test has been written based on a specific set of objectives. If taking an MTTC test in chemistry, physical science or physics, candidates will be given a particular calculator to employ (no bringing one along), and candidates will not get any directions on how the tool works. If taking the elementary or secondary mathematics exams, candidates must provide a personal graphing calculator which must meet particular specifications. Only certain models are allowed, and candidates cannot bring the calculator’s instruction manual.

On the test, there might be some questions which are not used for the total score. These items are on the test for pretrial purposes, and may be used on future exams. Candidates will not know which items are scored and which are not. The raw score (the number answered correctly) will be converted to a scale with a 100-300 range. The minimum passing scaled score for any test is 220.

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Last Updated: December 29, 2023