Handling Rejection

You did everything you could to help your application to your school of choice. You went through the process and waited for a decision, only to find out that you were not accepted. This happens to most students and many take the rejection very personally.

Do not be too hard on yourself. A rejection from a school is not a personal attack on you or your skills as a student. There are just simply more students applying to schools than can be accepted. Studies have shown that students who were not accepted may have in fact done better at that school than the students who ended up beating them out. It is just how the process works.

Another form of being rejected from a college is known as ‘wait listing.’ If a college believes you are qualified but cannot squeeze you into the enrollment class, they will put you on a wait list. If their freshmen enrollment does not end up as high as they wanted, they will then admit people who are on the wait list. Being on a wait list is like being in some kind of college admission ‘limbo.’ You haven’t been accepted, but you haven’t been completely rejected either. Students on a wait list should plan on other options. However, you shouldn’t give up hope either.

After being rejected from one of your choice schools, it is okay to be disappointed and feel down for a little while. However, after you have dealt with the fact you can’t attend that school, it is time to move on. Try not to hold a grudge against that school or any student who ends up there.

Instead, focus on the positives of your situation. Don’t feel bad about the schools that don’t want you; feel good about the schools that do. Realize that those schools may in fact be a better fit for you.

Handling rejection is not an easy thing to do. But life goes on, and so will your college career.


Last Updated: June 4, 2019