Why Go to College?

With all of the talk that a student must hear about getting ready for college, some students may raise the pertinent question, ‘Why go to college in the first place?’ It is a very important question that has different answers for different people. The three main reasons for attending college are increased pay, higher education, and the college experience. Some students will go to college for one, two, or all of these reasons. It really depends on the individual.

First is higher pay. Studies have shown that a person with a college degree will make about 80 percent more than a person with just a high school degree. That is almost twice as much. For example, the average high school graduate without any college education makes around $37,000. The average college graduate makes around $66,000. Of course, this is just the average. Some graduates will make less, and others will make much more. There is no guarantee that a college graduate will obtain a high-paying job. On the other hand, nothing says that a person with only a high school degree cannot make a very good living and be satisfied with his or her career. Odds are, however, if you want to make more money at your future job, going to college is the practical choice.

The next reason is the reason that most students will go to college. This reason is to attend a place of higher learning. For students wanting to further their education, college is the next logical step. Many students will have a certain career in mind, and they need to go to school to get the education they need for that career. Other students do not know what they want to do with their life, but they are pretty sure they will find the answer in college. Taking a variety of classes at the college level can help a person decide on an avenue that they want to pursue.

Finally, there is the college experience. The college experience is a unique one that allows the individual to grow as a person. You are placed into a world that is much bigger than one you have previously experienced. You meet new people from various backgrounds and learn more about yourself as well. College is a place that you can redefine yourself. You have a chance to pursue your own interests and learn about the interests of others.

These are just a few of the reasons that students choose to go to college. There are many others. The point is that attending college will open many doors for you. It is up to you to decide if the process is worth the effort. In most cases, it will be.


Last Updated: May 31, 2019