The AEPA test is required by the Arizona State Board of Education as part of the teacher certification process. Each teacher candidate must successfully pass a subject knowledge assessment and an assessment for professional knowledge.

These criterion-referenced, objective-based AEPA tests are created with a foundation created from standard qualifications, the curriculum being used and the subject area material learned in college. Every AEPA exam is based on particular objectives for that test. These general objectives are made up of:

  • An objective account that generally gives a definition of the material that a beginning teacher is required to understand, and
  • A descriptive account, including examples.

AEPA groups the tests as follows:

  • Professional knowledge – This examination has around 100 multiple-choice items and three written response topics.
  • Subject knowledge – The majority of these tests have around 100 multiple-choice items and one written response topic. Assessments for German, French or Spanish have around 55 multiple-choice questions, some of which are designed to measure reading and listening in the language of choice. They also have one written response, as well as a spoken portion.
  • Constitutions of the United States and Arizona – This examination has around 100 multiple-choice items.
  • Administrator – For the supervisor test, there are about 100 multiple-choice items and one written response topic. For the superintendent and principal assessments, there are around
  • 100 multiple-choice items and four written topics regarding a case study, educational issue topic and work product topic.
  • Basic skills – This examination includes around 42 multiple-choice questions each on reading comprehension and math. This test also assesses writing skills, with around 42 multiple-choice items and one written response topic. This test is not required for any certification.

Not all of the AEPA exam questions on the test may count toward the result. Some questions are put on the tests for pre-trial purposes, meaning they will be used on future tests. If the test has both written response items and multiple-choice questions, they are all put together to calculate a final result. The raw score will be in the 100-300 range. The minimum passing score is 240.


Last Updated: June 21, 2021