ACE – Personal Trainer Exam

The American Council on Exercise offers the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Examination for people who want to train in a one-on-one setting or with just a few people at a time. Becoming certified demonstrates a candidate’s commitment and expertise in the field.
There are 150 items (including 25 pretest questions) to complete on the ACE Personal Trainer exam. For all of the topics, candidates will need to use what they know about applied sciences in anatomy and biomechanics, physiology, nutrition and psychology. The items cover these topics:

  • Interviews and Assessments – 23%
  • Program Design and Implementation – 31%
  • Program Modification and Progression – 26%
  • Professional Conduct, Safety, and Risk Management – 20%

The ACE Personal Trainer test assessment is available in both paper and pencil or computer formats. The raw score (the number answered correctly) will be converted to a scaled score in a 200-800 range. Candidates need a scaled score of at least 500 to pass.


Last Updated: June 21, 2021