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If you're thinking of attending college to prepare for a career in the allied health fields such as nursing, radiology, dental hygiene, etc., you may be required to take the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test (HOBET). Not all schools require this test, but a great many do.

And while there is no definite line between passing and failing the HOBET, many schools are going to require a composite score in the 50th percentile range. Some schools have a lower minimum; others have much higher minimums. You'll want to check with your prospective school on what their policy is. One important factor to consider when taking the HOBET test is that, while you are allowed to retake it if you don't do well, there is a six month waiting period required before you're allowed to retake it. So you want to make sure you're ready the first time you attempt it. It lasts approximately two hours and forty five minutes, and is often taken on a computer.

You'll be tested in seven different areas on the HOBET-Essential Math, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Test Taking Skills, Social Interactions, Stressful Situations, and Learning Styles. There is no essay portion. If you're thinking of taking it, check with the college you're considering about times and dates. The HOBET test isn't given as frequently as some other collegiate tests which are more widely used, and you'll want to register as early as possible to make sure you get a seat. And again, because you must wait six months to retake it if you don't do well, it's imperative that you're extremely well prepared when you sit down to take the HOBET.

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HOBET Practice Questions

1. Although his friends believed him to be enjoying a lavish lifestyle in the large family estate he had inherited, Enzo was in reality impecunious.

Which of the following is the definition for the underlined word in the sentence above?

  1. Penniless
  2. Unfortunate
  3. Emotional
  4. Commanding

2. Follow the numbered instructions to transform the starting word into a different word.

1. Start with the word ESOTERIC
2. Remove both instances of the letter E from the word
3. Remove the letter I from the word
4. Move the letter T from the middle of the word to the end of the word
5. Remove the letter C from the word

What new word has been spelled?

  1. SECT
  2. SORT
  3. SORE
  4. TORE

3. A journalist, as part of his ongoing series of articles about a defendant accused of multiple murders, included a note that the defendant had written: "No matter what they say I am not gilty [sic] of the crime." Which of the following does the bracketed expression "sic" indicate?

  1. An accidental misspelling in the sentence
  2. A grammatical error that the editor failed to catch
  3. An incorrect usage on the part of the original writer
  4. A point of emphasis that the journalist wants readers to see

4. Which of the following is the percent equivalent of 0.0016?

  1. 16%
  2. 160%
  3. 1.6%
  4. 0.16%

5. On the back of a video case, Digby notices that the listed date of production is MCMXCIV. What is this date in Arabic numerals?

  1. 1991
  2. 1994
  3. 1987
  4. 2003

6. 7+42-(5+63)-102 Simplify the expression above. Which of the following is correct?

  1. -23
  2. -20
  3. 23
  4. 20

7. Reading long books gives Benezet a headache.
War and Peace is a long book.
Reading War and Peace will give Benezet a headache.

Which of the following correctly describes the conclusion that results from the three statements above?

  1. Inductive
  2. Irrational
  3. Relativistic
  4. Deductive

8. Which of the following types of connective tissue does not have its own (and thus limited) blood supply?

  1. Ligaments
  2. Adipose
  3. Bone
  4. Cartilage

9. Once blood has been oxygenated, it travels through the pulmonary veins, through the left atrium, and then through the ___________ before entering the left ventricle.

  1. Tricuspid valve
  2. Mitral valve
  3. Pulmonary arteries
  4. Aorta

10. The Welsh kingdom of Gwynedd existed as an independent state from the early 5th century, when the Romans left Britain, until the late 13th century, when the king of England took control of Wales.

Which of the following functions as an adjective in the sentence above?

  1. Independent
  2. Century
  3. Government
  4. Control

11. I'm usually good about keeping track of my keys. I lost them. I spent hours looking for them. I found them in the freezer. Which of the following options best combines the sentences above to show style and clarity?

  1. I lost my keys, even though I'm usually good about keeping track of them. I found them in the freezer and spent hours looking for them.
  2. I spent hours looking for my keys and found them in the freezer. I had lost them, even though I'm usually good about keeping track of them.
  3. I'm usually good about keeping track of my keys, but I lost them. After spending hours looking for them, I found them in the freezer.
  4. I'm usually good about keeping track of my keys, but I lost them in the freezer. I had to spend hours looking for them.

12. Which of the following sentences correctly uses quotes within quotes?

  1. Pastor Bernard read from the book of Genesis: 'And God said, "Let there be light." And there was light.'
  2. Pastor Bernard read from the book of Genesis: "And God said, 'Let there be light.' And there was light."
  3. Pastor Bernard read from the book of Genesis: " 'And God said, Let there be light. And there was light.' "
  4. Pastor Bernard read from the book of Genesis: "And God said, "Let there be light." And there was light."


1. A: The sentence indicates a contrast between the appearance and the reality. Enzo's friends believe him to be wealthy, due to the large home that he inherited, but he is actually penniless.

2. B: The word SORT results from following all of the directions that are provided.

3. C: The word "sic" is Latin for "as such" or "so." It is used to indicate an error on the part of the original author and is used most often when writers are quoting someone else. If the journalist includes the letter as written by the defendant, this is a natural way to show that the misspelling of "guilty" is the responsibility of the defendant and not a typographical error on the part of the journalist.

4. D: To derive a percentage from a decimal, multiply by 100: 0.0016(100) = 0.16%.

5. B: Recall that in Roman numerals, M is 1000, D is 500, C is 100, L is 50, X is 10, V is 5, and I is 1. As a result, the year MCMXCIV is 1994. (Note that the I before the V indicates that the I is subtracted from V: 5 - 1, or 4. In the same way, the C before the M also indicates a subtraction, in this case 100 from 1000, or 900.)

6. B: Start by calculating the amount in parenthesis, completing the multiplication first: 5+63, which is 5+18 or 23. Then calculate the product at the end: 102, or 20. Calculate the expression 42, for a result of 16, and complete the equation:

7. D: Deductive reasoning moves from the general to the specific. In this case, the general statement is that Benezet gets a headache from reading long books. The syllogism moves from the general to the specific by noting that War and Peace is a long book, therefore Benezet will likely get a headache from reading it.

8. A: Ligaments do not have their own blood supply. As a result, ligament injuries tend to take longer to heal because they have a limited blood supply.

9. B: After the blood has gone through the left atrium, it enters the mitral valve before entering the left ventricle.

10. A: The word independent is an adjective that modifies the word state, describing the type of state that described the kingdom of Gwynedd. The words century, government, and control are all nouns in this context.

11. C: Answer choice C offers the most effective combination of the sentences with the use of the conjunction but and the dependent clause starting with after. All other answer choices result in choppy or unclear combinations of the four sentences.

12. B: Question 12 asks for the correct punctuation of layered quotations. Standard American usage requires the double quotes for the first quotation and the single quotes for any quotes within the original quotes. Answer choice B best reflects this with the phrase "Let there be light" representing the quote within the original quotation. Answer choice A reverses the correct usage. Answer choice C incorrectly makes the entire quotation a quote within an otherwise unidentified quote. Answer choice D uses double quotes within the double quotes, which is incorrect in standard American usage.

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