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CHSPE Math Practice Questions

1. Write the following number in scientific notation: 0.00000056
A: 5.6 x 107
B: 5.6 x 10-7
C: 5.6 x 10-6
D: 5.6 x 10-8

2. Write the following number in standard notation: 3.5 x 107
A: 35,000,000
B: 3,500,000
C: 35,000
D: 350,000,000

3. What is the slope of the line 4x + 20y = 5 ?
A: 5
B: 1/4
C: 4
D: - 1/5

4. What is the slope of a line that passes through the points (4, 8), and (10, 17) ?
A: 2/3
B: -3/2
C: 3/2
D: -2/3

5. Tom played five rounds of golf and shot an average score of 72. If he excluded the lowest score, however, his average for the other four rounds was 74. What was Tom's lowest score in the five rounds?
A: 68
B: 64
C: 72
D: 70

6. Todd has twice as many baseball cards as Eddy. If Todd gives Eddy 10 of his baseball cards, he will have half as many as Eddy. How many baseball cards do Todd and Eddy have in all?
A: 36
B: 32
C: 24
D: 30

7. Hector and Carmen go to the movies with their three children. The total cost of the tickets is $14.00. If the cost of a child's ticket is half the cost of an adult's ticket, what is the cost of an adult ticket?
A: $4
B: $2
C: $5
D: $6

8. In an average week, Rick drives twice as many miles as Sally, who drives 50 more miles than Tammy. If Tammy drives 57 miles a week, how many miles a week does Rick drive?
A: 212 miles
B: 208 miles
C: 214 miles
D: 200 miles

9. A video costs $12 more at Store A than it does at Store B. If the price at Store B is the price at Store A, what is the price at Store A?
A: $36
B: $48
C: $40
D: $32

10. Victor has earned $100 more than Walter. Victor then spends $20 on school supplies, at which point he has 5 times as much money as Walter. How much money does Walter have?
A: $40
B: $100
C: $20
D: $25

Answer Key

1. B. Move the decimal point seven places to the right, until the number is between one and ten.

2. A. Move the decimal point seven places to the left, until the number is between one and ten.

3. D. The equation for slope is y = mx + b, in which m is slope.

4. C. The equation for slope is (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1).

5. B. The sum of Tom's scores over five rounds would be 360, while over the highest four rounds the score would be 296. The lowest score is the difference between these two totals.

6. D. Set up the equation T - 10 = (E + 10),in which T is Todd's cards and E is Eddy's cards. Then, because you know T = 2E, substitute 2E for T in the equation.

7. A. Set up the equation 2(2x) + 3x = 14, in which x is the cost of a child's ticket.

8. C. This equation can be solved with the expression 2(57 + 50).

9. B. Set up the equations A = B + 12 and 3/4 A = B, then combine: A = 3/4 A + 12.

10. C. Victor has $100 more than Walter: V = W + 100. Victor less $20 has five times as much as Walter: V - 20 = 5W. Combine these equations: W + 100 - 20 = 5W.

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