ASWB Clinical Exam

The fourth level of ASWB exams is the Clinical exam. The Clinical examination is designed for individuals with a Master’s degree in Social Work and at least 2 years of experience.

The content of the ASWB Clinical examination is as follows:


  • Human Development and Behavior in the Environment (22% of the exam; includes theories of human development and behavior; human development in the life cycle; human behavior; impact of crises and changes; family functioning; addictions; and abuse and neglect);
  • Issues of Diversity (6%; includes effects of culture, race, and/or ethnicity; effects of sexual orientation and/or gender; and effects of age and/or disability);
  • Diagnosis and Assessment (16%; includes assessment; information gathering; diagnostic classifications; indicators of abuse and neglect; indicators of danger to self and others);
  • Psychotherapy and Clinical Practice (16%; includes intervention theories and models; intervention process; treatment planning; intervention techniques; intervention with couples and families; and intervention with groups);
  • Communication (8%; includes communication principles and techniques);
  • The Therapeutic Relationship (7%; includes relationship theories and practice);
  • Professional Values and Ethics (10%; includes value issues; legal and ethical issues; and confidentiality);
  • Clinical Supervision, Consultation, and Staff Development (4%; includes social work supervision; consultation and interdisciplinary collaboration; and staff development);
  • Practice Evaluation and the Utilization of Research (1%; includes evaluation techniques and the utilization of research);
  • Service Delivery (5%; includes policies, procedures, and processes of service delivery);
  • Clinical Practice and Management (5%; includes advocacy; finance; and management and human resource issues).

The exam consists of 170 multiple-choice questions, 20 of which are pretest questions that will be used to develop future versions of the exam and they do not contribute to the test score. The minimum passing score is established by the jurisdiction in which the candidate takes the exam. The ASWB examinations are administered at special testing centers throughout the year in locations around the United States.

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