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Select the best version of the underlined part of the sentence. The first choice is the same as the original sentence

1. He had just come to the bridge; and not looking where he was going; he tripped over something.
A: where he was going; he tripped
B: where he was going: he tripped
C: where he was going. He tripped
D: where he was going, he tripped

2. 'That doesn't make sense at all', he said.
A: at all', he
B: at all,' he
C: at all, he
D: at all, he'

3. It went on raining, and every day it got a little higher.
A: on raining, and every day
B: on raining: and every day
C: raining on, and every day
D: on raining, every day

4. Suddenly she, laughed as she remembered a story she had been told.
A: she, laughed as she
B: laughed as she
C: she laughed; as she
D: she laughed as she

5. When began the snow he was asleep.
A: began the snow
B: the snow, began
C: the snow began
D: began, the snow

6. There will be a wide path, almost big enough for a car.
A: There will be a wide path,
B: Will there be a wide path,
C: There will be a wide path
D: There will not be a wide path,

7. Then he dropped them both, and the big one landed first--which he had thought it would do, and the little one landed second, which he had thought it would do.
A: one landed first-#8221;which
B: one landed first, which
C: one landed first: which
D: one landed first; which

8. 'I didn't hear you.' she exclaimed.
A: hear you.' she
B: hear you!' she
C: hear you,' she
D: hear you:' she

9. They hopped down off the table; and went to go pick up the napkins.
A: off the table; and went
B: off the table: and went
C: off the table, went
D: off the table and went

10. 'I'm not sure about that,' he said. 'I can't really remember.'
A: about that,' he said. 'I can't
B: about that,' he said! 'I can't
C: about that.' He said. 'I can't
D: about that,' he said, 'I can't

Answer Key

1. D. Only a comma is needed to separate the dependent clause.

2. B. The comma should come inside the end quotation mark.

3. A. The original sentence is correct.

4. D. No punctuation is necessary.

5. C. The word order should be altered to remove awkwardness.

6. A. The original sentence is correct.

7. B. The punctuation should be the same for both of the parallel clauses.

8. C. A comma is necessary if an attribution is going to be made.

9. D. There is no need for punctuation to separate these two continuous actions.

10. A. The original sentence is correct.

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