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Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

Read the passages and answer the questions that follow: People loved to come to the Grogrande Bakery. When one opened the door an exquisite fragrance of newly baked bread and cakes greeted the nostrils; and, if you were not hungry when you entered, you were sure to become so when you examined and smelled the delicious pies and doughnuts and gingerbread and buns with which the shelves and show-cases were stocked. There were trays of French candies, too; and because all the goods were fresh and wholesome the bakery was well patronized and did a thriving business.

1. What is the main idea of this passage?
A: People love to eat bread.
B: People loved to come to the Grogrande Bakery.
C: Gingerbread is delicious.
D: The Grogrande bakery made a ton of money.

2. Which word best defines the function of the passage?
A: interrogative
B: exclamatory
C: descriptive
D: persuasive

3. What kind of text would this passage likely appear in?
A: magazine article
B: story
C: editorial
D: letter

4. Who is the likely audience for this passage?
A: bakers
B: children
C: gingerbread men
D: retired citizens

5. What does the author mean by 'well-patronized'?
A: The bakery got its water from a well.
B: Very few people shopped there.
C: A large number of people shopped there.
D: The bathroom sink was always clean.

"I am sorry you have lost the watch, Luke," said the teacher, after Randolph 's departure. "You will have to be satisfied with deserving it."

"I am reconciled to the disappointment, sir," answered Luke. "I can get along for the present without a watch."

Nevertheless, Luke did feel disappointed. He had fully expected to have the watch to carry home and display to his mother. As it was, he was in no hurry to go home, but remained for two hours ice skating with the other boys. He used his friend Linton's skates, Linton having an engagement which prevented his remaining.

It was five o'clock when Luke entered the little cottage which he called home. His mother, a pleasant woman of middle age, was spreading the cloth for supper. She looked up as he entered.

6. Why is Luke disappointed?
A: He has to go home without skating.
B: He did not win the watch.
C: His teacher does not like him.
D: He has won a watch.

7. What does the author mean by 'Linton having an engagement'?
A: Linton was going to be married.
B: Linton was drafted into the army.
C: Linton became very ill.
D: Linton had to be somewhere else.

8. Why is the teacher sorry that Luke has lost the watch?
A: He feels that Luke deserves the watch.
B: He likes Luke better than the other students.
C: He knew Luke needed a watch.
D: He dislikes the boy who has won the watch.

9. During what time of year does this passage take place?
A: winter
B: Christmas
C: summer
D: spring

10. How old might Luke be?
A: 3
B: 12
C: 25
D: 40

Answer Key

1. B. The passage describes all of the reasons why the bakery was appealing.

2. C. The passage consists of a list of details about the bakery.

3. B. The passage is written in a way to be entertaining as well as informative, and to interest the reader in the bakery.

4. B. The diction and subject matter of this passage is appropriate for children.

5. C. The word 'patronize' means to use the services of.

6. B. The passage states that Luke had hoped to win the watch.

7. D. An engagement is simply a pre-appointed meeting.

8. A. The teacher explicitly states that Luke deserved the watch.

9. A. The mention of ice skating indicates that it is winter.

10. B. The other ages are probably too old or young to be part of a school contest.

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