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A nursing degree program is highly specialized, quite a bit different from a regular business or liberal arts program. To make sure that prospective nursing students have the skills and aptitudes necessary to earn a nursing degree, many nursing schools and programs require them to pass the Nurse Entrance Test (NET).

If you're considering applying for admission to a nursing degree program, you'll want to check with the school you're considering to see if they require it, and if so, to find out the dates and locations and how to register. Every school that uses the test will also have a minimum acceptable score for the NET test. There are seven subjects covered on the test, and all questions are multiple choice. It lasts about three hours. The different parts of the NET are Reading Comprehension Skills, Reading Rate, and Essential Math Skills, Test Taking Skills, Skill Level Profile, Social Interactions Profile, and Learning Styles Inventory. The reading comprehension skills and math skills are the most important. Nationally, the average score on reading is 59, and for math is 69.

All sections of the exam are important, and you should do your very best on all of them, of course, but these are the most crucial portions of the NET test. It's not a test that requires genius level intelligence. If your grades were average or above average in high school, you should be able to master the NET.

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