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If you're planning on attending a trade school, there's a good chance you'll be required to take the Career Programs Assessment Test, or CPAt. This is a test that measures your abilities in three areas-language, reading, and numerical skills. It's not as comprehensive as the ACT or SAT, which are designed for people planning on attending four year colleges and universities. As such, it doesn't take nearly as much time to complete-the entire test, all three sections, lasts about an hour.

The language portion is 60 questions and tests for knowledge of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and logic. This will take 15 minutes. The reading portion will take 25 minutes, and consists of 30 questions testing your ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply written materials. The numerical section takes 20 minutes, and consists of 25 questions about adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and word problems using these skills.

The minimum passing scores are 42 in language, 43 in reading, and 41 in numerical skills. These CPAt scores indicate that a person has the skills and aptitudes to benefit from an education. As you can see, it's vitally important that you do well on the test if you hope to attend school to learn a trade. But with some study, and a little preparation, anyone who puts their mind to it should be able to pass.

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