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As of 2014, high school students in California must pass the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) test in order to receive a diploma. The CAHSEE test measures knowledge and skills in two broad areas-English and math.

The first time students will take the CAHSEE test is in 10th grade; if they pass both sections, that meets the graduation requirement. If they fail one or the other, they'll have five more chances to retake the test before the end of their senior year, but once they've passed a section, they don't have to take it again. The English portion of the CAHSEE test is multiple choice, except for a writing requirement, and tests reading and comprehension skills, vocabulary, and finding information. The math section is entirely multiple choice and covers a wide variety of mathematical subjects-algebra, geometry, statistics, data analysis and probability, along with decimals, fractions, and general math skills. Both sections of the test are untimed, so students shouldn't feel rushed or anxious about running out of time. However, calculators are not allowed. And even if the student's first language is not English, the tests are only given in English.

The CAHSEE test was designed not to punish students, but to help them, and to make sure that California schools are completing their mission of educating their students. Because of the nature of today's job market, opportunities for people who don't graduate from high school are extremely limited. California students should realize the importance of the CAHSEE, and make every effort to pass it. It's an achievable goal for almost every student.

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