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CAHSEE Math Practice

1. Written in scientific notation, the number 173,000,000,000 is:
A: 17.3 x 1010
B: 173 x 109
C: 1.73 x 1011
D: 1.73 x 1010

2. If a recipe for cookies calls for of a cup of sugar, and you want to quadruple the recipe, how many cups of sugar will you need?
A: 3 cups
B: 4 cups
C: 2 cups
D: 3 cups

3. Which of the following numbers has the greatest absolute value: 17, -9, 15.5, -20, 19?
A: -20
B: 19
C: 15.5
D: -9

4. Randy got the following test scores in science class: 76, 98, 78, 80, and 54. What is the median test score?
A: 77
B: 98
C: 54
D: 78

5. John's sock drawer contains 4 pairs of green socks, 7 pairs of black socks, and 7 pairs of red socks. If John reaches into the drawer at random, what are his chances of NOT selecting a pair of green socks?
A: 1/3
B: 7/9
C: 2/5
D: 10/18

6. A number is multiplied by 6 and then has 4 subtracted from it. The answer is 14. Which of the following equations matches these statements?
A: 14 = 4 - 6x
B: 4x - 6 = 14
C: 6x - 4 = 14
D: 6 (x - 4) = 14

7. Solve for x: (7x/5) + 9 = 23.
A: 10
B: 9
C: 11
D: 7

8. Albert is driving at 80 miles per hour. How far will he go in 45 minutes?
A: 60 miles.
B: 45 miles.
C: 80 miles.
D: 180 miles.

9. If Ted runs at 8 miles an hour, which computation would you use to determine how far Ted runs in 15 minutes?
A: 8 x 15
B: 8 x 25
C: 8 x.15
D: 8 x .25

10. If x is a negative number and y is a positive number, which of the following expressions is NOT always negative?
A: x - y
B: x + y

C: x x y

D: x / y

Answer Key:

1. C. Place a decimal point at the end of the number and then move it eleven places to the left, until it creates a number between one and ten.

2. A. The fraction is equivalent to the decimal 0.75. Multiply this decimal by 4.

3. A. Absolute value is the number of integers away from zero, so the absolute value of -20 is greater than the absolute value of 19 by one unit.

4. D. The median is the piece of data that is in the middle position when the entire set is placed in order from least to greatest.

5. B. 14 of the 18 pairs of socks are not green; the fraction 14/18 can be simplified as 7/9.

6. C. In this equation, the order of operations will dictate that the multiplication takes place before the subtraction.

7. A. In order to find x, you must subtract 9 from 23, then multiply the difference by 5, and finally divide the product by 7.

8. A. 45 minutes is three-quarters of an hour, which can be rewritten as the decimal 0.75. Multiply this decimal by his speed.

9. D. Fifteen minutes is a quarter-hour, which is equivalent to the decimal 0.25.

10. B. If y has a larger absolute value than x, then this expression will be positive.

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