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If you're in college, or planning on attending, at some point in your enrollment you may be required to take the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency Test, or CAAP. This is a special test that not only measures how much you know about a particular subject, but is also used to determine how well your college does at educating students overall. This information is important to graduate schools, accrediting organizations, and the schools themselves.

The CAAP can help college administrators and faculty to see weak spots in their programs, and compare themselves to colleges nationwide. Your academic adviser will also be able to use your scores to help you identify your various strengths and weaknesses, and suggest adjustments to your program if they feel it's necessary. You'll usually take the test after you've completed the core requirements at your college.

There are several sections on the test-Reading, Mathematics, Science, Critical Thinking, Writing Skills, and Writing Essay. Except for the essay portion, all tests are multiple choice format, and you'll have 50 minutes to complete each section. You may bring a calculator if you wish. Because of the nature of the exam, you will not necessarily receive all your scores, but you will be informed of how you did on selected tests, and be able to compare that with others' scores.

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