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Kelley O'Connor

Kelley enjoys motivating others and has a blast writing about test preparation topics.

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Kelley O'Connor is a Study Guide Zone contributor and has researched test preparation for over 7 years. Kelley enjoys reviewing test preparation guides and official testing outlines. Kelley is always on top of the most important developments in testing and education.

With several years of writing about test preparation and how to improve studying, Kelley has been called the hardest working woman in test prep by friends. Her test prep skills have helped guide many people who were on a path to failure and redirect them towards success.

Mrs. O'Connor is the mother of two wonderful women and enjoys being a cheerleader for people trying to reach their maximum potential. Test preparation standards are becoming more competitive and difficult by many standards. Get the help you need to develop your study skills and become a better test taker.

Education: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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