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ASVAB Miscellaneous Questions

1. Which planet is the second from the sun?
A: Mercury
B: Venus
C: Neptune
D: Mars

2. Which biome contains trees that retain their leaves year-round?
A: coniferous forest
B: deciduous forest
C: taiga
D: tundra

3. Which system of the body fights infection and releases fluid into the bloodstream?
A: circulatory
B: respiratory
C: pulmonary
D: lymphatic

4. What is the best synonym for obsolete?
A: modern
B: pleasant
C: outdated
D: obese

5. What is the best antonym for savage?
A: wild
B: tame
C: ferocious
D: valuable

6. What is the best definition for ascetic?
A: denying pleasure
B: full of beauty
C: one who styles hair and makeup
D: junior officer

7. Which electrical component functions like a gate for electronic signals, regulating current and voltage?
A: resistor
B: battery
C: circuit breaker
D: transistor

8. What technique is used to determine the direction of the magnetic field around a current-carrying conductor?
A: rule of law
B: right-hand rule
C: rule of thumb
D: left-hand rule

9. What is the process through which molecules from one fluid mix randomly with the molecules from another fluid?
A: confusion
B: diffusion
C: perfusion
D: occlusion

10. What is the name of the weight that is hung from a string to mark a perfect vertical line?
A: vertical line
B: farthing
C: penny weight
D: plumb bob

Answer Key

1. B. Venus is between Mercury and Earth.

2. A. Coniferous forests contain pine trees that retain their needles throughout the year.

3. D. The lymphatic system produces lymph, a chemical that aids the body against disease.

4. C. Something that is obsolete no longer is useful.

5. B. The opposite of savage would be tame, or civilized.

6. A. An ascetic individual is one who renounces pleasure in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment.

7. D. Many electrical circuits contain transistors that regulate the flow of current.

8. B. The right-hand rule is a simple way to figure out the direction of the field surrounding a current-carrying conductor.

ASVAB Test Questions

9. B. The mixture of two kinds of paint is an example of diffusion.

10. D. Plumb bobs are frequently used in construction projects.

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